Andrew Gaydosh Gets Answers To Some Hot Topics

Part 3 of Andrew Gaydosh’s interview with Lakengren Board President Jimmy Gambrell is now available! Here are the hot topics that Andrew gets asked about all the time. If you missed parts 1 & 2, check them out to get to know Jimmy better and hear about the current focus areas for the board.

Watch Part 3 now!

Andrew put Jimmy in the hot seat to get some updates and answers to questions. First topic of the day was the pool. Currently the pool is well underway. While it is early in the project, it is tracking under budget for now and on time. Recently there was a meeting to discuss what could be done for the bathhouse renovation. Construction is moving along well and we are on track for the new pool to be open for Memorial Day 2019.

Next on the agenda was Slow Down September. One of the biggest complaints this year has been about speeding. We have a sheriff’s deputy that patrols Lakengren 40 hours a week. However, there are over 26 miles of road and that is a lot to cover. So during the month of September we decided to add some signs and help people focus on driving the speed limit.

Speaking of patrols in Lakengren, let’s talk security. There have been a lot of changes to the security team this year. The board has encouraged the security team to not only enforce the rules but educate the residents on the rules. Many people don’t realize they are breaking a rule so by educating them they can correct the action. Tip for everyone – if security stops you to educate you on a rule, a simple “thanks I won’t do that again” will go a long way to not getting a citation.

Finally, there has been a lot of talk about the reserve study that was done earlier this year. The board is using that as a tool for planning for the future. It enables the board to plan and budget for maintenance and improvements need to keep the community nice. We know we are underfunded and the board it looking for ways to increase revenue. What is great about the reserve study is it provides a business plan for the board. As board members change over we can pass along the reserve study and the new board can pick up and continue where the last board left off.

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